Wellington International Illuminates Hope and Inclusion with the Miracle League of Palm Beach County

November 4. 2023

In a heartfelt collaboration, Wellington International proudly hosted the Miracle League of Palm Beach County, a beacon of inspiration for children with disabilities and special needs, during their momentous All-Star Weekend.   

The Miracle League of Palm Beach County, a cherished baseball organization dedicated to children with disabilities and special needs, held its All-Star Weekend in Palm Beach Gardens. Co-founders Jeff and Julia Kadel, who started the Palm Beach County chapter in 2005, have watched it grow into a beacon of hope and fun for many families. This year's event was no exception, drawing together over 125 athletes for a weekend of joy and friendly competition.  

The festivities kicked off with a competitive game on Friday night at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, setting the stage for the weekend's celebrations. With over 400 volunteers, 80 directors, and athletes hailing from two countries, 20 states, and over 25 cities, the event epitomized the league's expansive reach and impact. 

© Cassidy Klein

Wellington International, an establishment synonymous with equestrian excellence, added a touch of magic to the weekend. Children were welcomed by the smiles of animals in a petting zoo and the delight of the iconic Wellington International Venetian carousel. This was more than an event; it was an experience designed to foster joy and lasting memories. 

"Wellington International is honored to support the Miracle League and its incredible athletes," says Vaneli Martinov, Executive Vice President of Wellington International. "This is a reminder that sports can unite us in ways that transcend the playing field, reaching into the very heart of community." 

The awards banquet, a highlight of the weekend, was hosted at Wellington International, where cheers and applause filled the venue, honoring the achievements of more than 600 Miracle League athletes, volunteers and families. The celebration was further amplified by a spectacular 1.30m - 1.40m show jumping exhibition class, where equestrian athletes gearing up for the Winter Equestrian Festival showcased their skills under the dazzling lights of the International Arena. 

The event not only celebrated the achievements of these remarkable athletes but also highlighted the generous spirit of Palm Beach County, a community deeply invested in inclusivity and sports for all.  

For more information on the Miracle League of Palm Beach County, please visit https://miracleleaguepalmbeachcounty.com.